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Goals and budgets

A government organization with thousands of employees in hundreds of roles needed to make a business case, and get user requirements for an Intranet re-design. They had a limited budget that would not allow for our agency’s usual interview/focus group based approach. We needed a different research strategy.

I proposed, created and analyzed a widely distributed survey to generate quantitative data for their business case, and to provide focus and direction for interviews/focus groups.

The data from the survey delivered breadth of information for the business case and redesign. The results of survey provided the basis for identifying the groups of people who needed to be represented in follow up interviews/focus groups, and key topics to cover in these discussions. Using this approach, we effectively met the client’s goals while staying within their budget.

chart clearly displaying several variables
Baseline employee survey example results


Content Audit, Survey Design, Statistics, Pivot Tables, Excel, Survey Monkey


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