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Innovation - where business and user requirements meet

A company with a long standing, traditional software product sought to increase its share of its customer’s spend by developing innovative add-on products that would bring marketable added value to their customers.

I represented the interaction design team on a cross-campus, multi-functional innovation team created by the VP of Marketing and Product Management. The strategy was to put a wide range of potential add-on products in front of customer company executives to learn where they would spend their money. I was responsible for understanding the requirements for each potential add-on product and working with the rest of the design team to produce mock ups to clearly communicate it to an executive audience.

The team was newly formed and distributed, and the product concepts were very high level, and our timeline was tight. Given these constraints, I found a collaborative online tool and established a process that enabled the team to quickly wireframe, and refine requirements in real-time.

We created high fidelity mockups to clearly communicate ten potential product concepts to customer company executives. By using the process I initiatied, we completed these mock ups on time and following testing the innovation project moved forward into the development phase.

High fidelity mobile mockups


Rapid Prototyping, Real-time Requirements Refinement, Wireframing, HotGloo, Adobe Photoshop


VP Marketing and Product Management, B2B

Users and Audience

User Researchers, Business Owners, Executives